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Can't Afford Drug Rehab? Give Us and the Steps a Try

There are a few paths to men's addiction recovery in Indiana. You can go to a drug rehab or medical treatment program. These feature medication, on-site recovery programming--and cost thousands of dollars a month. Some people go to a sober house, but while affordable, these don't have their own recovery programming. Celebrate Freedom takes a middle path: We offer real recovery programming such as our own relapse prevention classes, 12 Step support groups, recovery coaching, and Bible study. But we don't charge thousands a month. In fact, our cost is $440 a month (Weekly rates also available). Every program we offer the addict or alcoholic is "evidence based," which means studies show they work--if the client works them. And at the center: faith in God and The Twelve Steps program that has worked for tens of thousands of alcoholics and addicts.

Teen Challenge Roots Give Us a Christian Basis
Celebrate Freedom's Executive Director sits on the board of Indiana Teen Challenge, one of the world's top Christian-based recovery programs for addicts. That commitment to a Bible-based program carries on now with the current curriculum and Celebrate Freedom program.
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Two Tracks: Recovery House and Sober Living House
Celebrate Freedom offers two tracks: For the person who is new to recovery and needs tighter structure, we have our RAMP plan (Residential Addiction Management Plan). For the person who has achieved stability in his recovery, we offer STAMP (STAble Management Plan). We will assess you before you enter to see which plan fits you better.

Call (317)210-3733. Or Email:
Whether it's a structured 'halfway house' or a more casual sober living house you need, Celebrate Freedom has you covered either way.

Celebrate Freedom is a Faith-Based Twelve-Steps 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.
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