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Celebrate Freedom: Our Keys to Recovery Include Biblical Faith, 12 Steps, and Evidence-Based Methods

"By the book" is the approach to recovery that we take at Celebrate Freedom.  That means:
  • We don't invent methods as we go along. Rather, we use evidence-based methods such as counseling, Twelve-Steps groups, peer-to-peer coaching, etc. It's "by the book."
  • More importantly, "by the book" means that our curriculum is Bible-based.  We incorporate this most important of Books in our "Staying Free" relapse-prevention class, in our in-house Bible studies, and in our "Celebrate Recovery" Christian Twelve-Step meetings.
  • Celebrate Freedom's live-in program director received his degree from a Christian college and has state credentials as a Certified Recovery Specialist. Our executive director sits on the board of Indiana Teen Challenge, and we borrow heavily from their concepts.

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Structure--But No Bars
Unlike some Indianapolis drug rehabs, we understand that eventually our clients will have to move out and live in recovery on their own.  For that reason, we don't strive to structure a person's entire life the entire time they're here. This is not a lock-down facility with bars. Rather, we move clients through phases, and as they move higher in our phases, the clients take more and more control of their own recovery program.  Transitional housing should be transitional, and help the person learn to live in recovery on his own.

Call (317) 210-FREE. Or Email: 

Whether you call it an Indianapolis recovery house, Indianapolis halfway house, Indianapolis sober living house, or Indianapolis drug rehab, we're ready to help you.

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