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How Long Should Transitional Living Be?
Should I Look for Recovery Houses Near Me - or Far Away?
Indianapolis Recovery Houses: Should We Care How Our Men Dress?
What Makes for a Good Indianapolis Halfway House
Pitfalls of Certification / Accreditation of Transitional Housing / Recovery Residences


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How Long Should Transitional Living Be?

When you hear the phrase "transitional living," you think of something that's going to be short-term. But how short is too short in an SLP?  

Statistics help us understand.  Most transitional housing programs recommend a minimum of 90 days. That's because it takes that long just for the brain to start stabilizing itself from the many years of using / drinking.

However, for many, this is not enough.  A person who stays 6 months typically has a lower chance of relapsing than the person who stays just 90 days.

Should I Look for Recovery Houses Near Me - or Far Away?

I had a friend who told me one day "I'm looking for recovery houses near me," but then weeks later, I found out that he picked one instead in a different city altogether.  His reason: "I need to get away from my old hangouts."

And that makes sense.  I remember in the early days of Celebrate Freedom, almost everyone who came to our recovery house was searching locally.  As our website got more and more traffic, we had more people come to us from out of state. 

Indianapolis Recovery Houses: Should We Care How Our Men Dress?

Does It Matter How You Dress? More to the point, to my friends who are operating Indiana recovery houses, should we care how the men in our residential programs dress?

Roy was a house manager for an addiction recovery house. One day, he was taking the guys to a church-based AA meeting, and he told the men to dress nicely. One of the guys asked him pointedly: “Does it really matter how we dress?” That’s the question I’m asking you today: Does it matter how we in recovery dress? I want to suggest to you that, yes, it does.

What Makes for a Good Indianapolis Halfway House

Sorry to say, but Central Indiana, while having a few good recovery houses (or halfway houses), there are many not-so-good as well.  When you or your loved one decide you need to find transitional housing for an addiction, there are some key things you should look for:

1.  GOOD INDIANAPOLIS RECOVERY HOUSES SHOULD HAVE QUALIFIED STAFF.  This doesn't mean they have to be psychologists or anything like that.  After all, part of the power of good Indianapolis halfway houses is that they are peer-directed.

Pitfalls of Certification / Accreditation of Transitional Housing / Recovery Residences

This year, there is a big movement in Indiana to "accredit" or "certify" halfway houses or recovery houses through an organization known as the Indiana Association of Recovery Residences.  The incentive that's being dangled, like the proverbial carrot before the horse, is money.  Certified facilities are promised that the State of Indiana will pay for everything from housing ("rent") to transportation for clients to drug tests to payments for those of us who work as recovery coaches with our clients.


There are two basic types of recovery houses for men in Indianapolis.  There are the three-quarter houses which are designed for men who require little supervision, and where the main requirements are that the men stay sober and that they promise to attend a certain number of recovery meetings. Then there are the Indianapolis halfway houses, with more structure and with a recovery program "built in" to it.  Celebrate Freedom is more of this second group:  We take an active role in our men's recovery, offering relapse prevention classes, Christian-based 12 Step meetings, and one-on-one recovery coaching sessions with the men.


house living roomWrite your post here.


This week, I'm going to start a series on the excuses that people will use for not finding an Indianapolis rehab or Indianapolis recovery house to help them deal with their addictions.  Excuse #1 is this: "I can do it myself."

For many people who suffer from Substance Use Disorder (the preferred term to "addiction"), it's all about willpower.  I can just make myself develop the right habits by having a strong enough mind. "Indianapolis sober living?  If I require that, I must not be man enough.


During my time as program director for Celebrate Freedom, I've discovered what everyone else in Indiana addiction recovery programs has discovered:  Some guys just don't believe they need help. That's why the whole field of the interventionist has exploded.

However, as a Christian, I don't believe there are many good, faith-based intervention services, especially in Indianapolis.  That's why I'm expanding my services through Indiana Christian Interventions (ICI).


thAlcoholics Anonymous (or AA) is the "granddaddy" of all twelve-steps groups.  In fact, they developed the whole twelve-step model.  (If you're not familiar with it, it's the process of going through the steps involved in recovery in an organized, bite-sized way.  You do it one small "step" at a time, until you've completed twelve of them).  Following on the heels of AA came groups such as Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Cocaine Anonymous (CA) and many others.
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