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This week, I'm going to start a series on the excuses that people will use for not finding an Indianapolis rehab or Indianapolis recovery house to help them deal with their addictions.  Excuse #1 is this: "I can do it myself."

For many people who suffer from Substance Use Disorder (the preferred term to "addiction"), it's all about willpower.  I can just make myself develop the right habits by having a strong enough mind. "Indianapolis sober living?  If I require that, I must not be man enough."

Nothing could be further from the truth!  In fact, it's a recognized medical fact now that after you've abused certain substances long enough, it affects your brain. In fact, the parts of your brain that are most injured have to do with willpower.  More specifically, addiction makes you crave pleasure, while at the same time making you feel like being deprived of the drug of your choice will kill you.  It's like telling a person who hasn't drank water in a week that the cup of H20 you've set before him must not be touched. The part of his brain that controls self-preservation will likely overwhelm him--and in most cases, he will drink.

Recovery programs such as Indianapolis recovery houses or Indianapolis rehabs are necessary because they add in an element that the person does not possess on his own:  outside accountability.  Even though the person wants to use or drink, any good Indianapolis rehab or halfway house will make it difficult for him to use--long enough for the person's brain to start getting back to normal.  Usually this takes a minimum of 90 days, just to achieve stability in the brain. 

In the Twelve Steps, Step One says "We admitted we were powerless over  (our addictive substance) and our lives had become unmanageable."  This doesn't mean there is no power over addiction. It just means the power is not within ourselves.  It's found in others who provide us with accountability, and of course, ultimately with God.

If you're convinced of your need now to get yourself or your loved one into an Indianapolis sober living home, call me, Rich Brown, at 317-210-FREE .... to start down the path to FREEDOM.


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