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Meet Our Leaders

Our Regular Staff

More so than most Indianapolis recovery houses / Indianapolis halfway house programs, Celebrate Freedom is blessed to have a talented team that helps us help the recovering addict:

MICHAEL J is our Executive Director, and brings with him many years' experience as a board member for Christian recovery residences.

RICH B runs the daily operations as our Program Director. He has credentials with the Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addiction as a Certified Recovery Specialist and is also certified by Mental Health America in Mental Health First Aid. His degree is a B.A. in Christian Education.

DAVID S is our Facilitator, who coordinates the movement and schedules of our men, works with clients' families, and also serves as Intake Coordinator. We like to say he is the Voice of Celebrate Freedom--whether to prospective clients, to their family, to clients themselves. He is a graduate of Ball State University.

GEORGE B is the newest member of the team. He is our Client Adviser. A graduate of the program himself, George previously worked as Men's Director at Teen Challenge in Memphis nd Nashville and s Gateway Director at Nashville Rescue Mission. As Client Adviser, he meets periodically with clients to assess their goals and needs. He needs the progress of each client, formulating and monitoring a treatment plan for each one.

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