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Indy Sober Living 

Indiana Sober Living: 

Less Like Rehab, More Like Home

Not everyone needs rehab or even wants that environment. Some have just ome from there an need something more like home. That's where Indy Sober Living comes in. We don't seem or feel like an institution. Not quite a "halfway house," we are less like rehab and more like home.

Indy Sober Living is a program of Indiana Sober Living. Our structured sober living home has 5 bedrooms, kitchen, living room, laundry room, and meeting room. The sober living / recovery elements of this recovery residence consist of: regular drug & alcohol testing, 12 Step meetings, and in-house instruction on relapse prevention. We have a live-in manager, and our director holds credentials with the State of Indiana Division of Mental Health & Addiction as a Certified Recovery Specialist.

Indy Sober Living is an Affordable Part of Getting You Financially Stable

One of the things all recovering addicts needs is to achieve financial stability. Unfortunately, too many halfway houses or progress houses are super expensive. Indy Sober Living costs just $135 a week or $525 a month. Here are the four numbers you need to know for our sober home:

$270 moves you in and covers first and last week's fee.

$500 gives you a huge discount on your first month if you prefer to do that.

Afterward, $135 pays your weekly fee or $525 if you want to pay by the month.


* Cash is always accepted.

 Sober Living is not designed to be a luxurious sober living home. It's not a recovery house that features a swimming pool or yoga or a view of the beach. What we are is an affordable alternative to rehab. More importantly, we are a return to the basics. 

Take a trip back in time to when the 12-Step movement was just getting started, under the supervision of Dr. Bob and Bill Wilson, and you'll find that sober living houses had a very simple program. You agreed that if you were going to live there, you were going to stay sober, attend 12 Step meetings, help keep the house clean, and focus on your faith in God. It's a program that worked then. And it works today just as well.

THE 30-DAY RECOVERY CHALLENGE: We believe so strongly in the Dr. Bob approach to recovery residences that we've introduced the 30-Day Recovery Challenge. If you follow the Dr. Bob program, we guarantee you'll stay sober. See THE CHALLENGE below.

AA founder Dr. Bob Smith


Click APPLY NOW to get started. Or call (317) 406-1469.

Indy Sober Living Believes...

"The Dr. Bob program for halfway houses was simple yet effective."



The Dr. Bob program for halfway houses was simple yet effective. So it's the model we use, and think it works. So our challenge is this:  Move into Indy Sober Living. Agree that for 30 days you will follow the very simple, very basic program that we outline for you, based on a 12 Step program and meetings. We think that if you follow it as we outline it, you will stay sober for those 30 days. And if you don't, we will make a $25 donation to the recovery program of your choice. 

So what is this "Dr. Bob" program for a sober house? Just this:  Agree that you won't drink or use...agree to go to 3 outside 12-Step recovery meetings each week, and to work on the 12 Steps in your free time.  Agree to support the household by paying your recovery fee on time and doing your part with household chores. And do your part to be a good neighbor to the surrounding community. It's that simple--and effective. Why not give it a try? 

Why You Can't Go It Alone in Recovery

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