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We Balance Structure with Freedom

INDY SOBER LIVING: Men's Recovery Since 2011

(317) 903-8058


Different Because We're Affordable

Normally you have two options: a rehab with on-site programming, but which costs a fortune...or the typical recovery residence, which has no in-house programming at all, but is affordable. Indy Sober Living combines the best of both. We have classes, meetings and recovery coaching that rival the in-patient addiction centers, but our guys can work, and our guys are only charged a small fee that rivals the rent at most modest homes in the area..

Different Because We're Totally Christian

We are a Christian recovery house. Our 12-Step curriculum is Bible-centered, plus we encourage our men to use the recovery journal that they're given for daily Bible study. We are both Christian-centered and  evidence-based.. Every man is given a recovery plan that instructs him to include a faith activity in his weekly routine: church or online church, etc.. 

Different Because We Are NOT "Zero Tolerance"

A lot of halfway houses boast that they are "zero tolerance." One dirty drug test and they brag that the client is evicted. Indy Sober Living is a transitional house that uses drug tests differently:  We use them to help us know when and how we need to adjust your program, so we can get the client back on track. And then when a client is not willing to make our suggested changes, we ask him to leave.

Ribbon Cutting

Check out our blog to read about our successful relaunch, and how new residents have quickly filled our beds. 


3, 7, 14, 28 Day Detox for Most Substances (Alcohol Detox Not Provided)

Indy Sober Living allows new clients to detox on-site at no extra cost.  Free detox is uncommon but needed. We are also unique in that we offer faith-based detox (Usual detox plus individual Bible studies for the client to supplement the process). Exception:Due to the medications needed for alcohol detox, we do not do alcohol detox here. Detox is supervised by person with credentials with the Indiana Division of Mental Health as a Certified Healthcare Worker (CHW). Call (317) 864-7833 for details.



Indy Sober Living

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